The way you take care of your dreads will make a huge difference to their condition. Here are some tips to help you maintain good looking dreads!


  • Do not wash your hair too often - every 2 or 3 weeks is fine. The more you wash, the messier and looser your dreads will become. When drying, squeeze out excess moisture, wrap in a towel and let the hair towel-dry for an hour, possibly changing towels halfway through. If you cannot let them dry naturally, then use a hairdryer but make sure that they are completely dry before tying up or going to bed.
  • Separate dreads when necessary. One big dread at the back of the head is unsightly and uncomfortable, so separate them after every wash to keep them free. You should be able to just gently pull them apart or if they are being stubborn, just tease them apart a few strands at a time.
  • Root rubbing is a good way to matt up the roots and help the dread stay dreaded! place the root of the dread between your index and middle finger and rub against the scalp in a circular motion in both directions.
  • Palm rolling helps to keep the dreads nice and cylindrical, prevents bumps and loops and puts all the hairs back where they belong. Do this after washing and drying by placing the dread between the palms of both hands and rolling backward and forward (imagine you are making playdough sausages!!).
  • Do not use elastic hair bands or pull dreads back too tight  - well, ok you can do this ocassionally but not too often as it can cause weak spots and thinning of the dreads.
  • NEVER use wax or other products in your dreads. These cannot be easily removed and must be avoided at all costs.
  • Book your first maintenance session after 2 months. Baby dreads need a check up 2 months after installation to strengthen them and help them on their way. Their condition can then be checked to make sure everything is on the right path! Depending on hair type and preferred style, you may be able to have future maintenance sessions further apart. I can send reminders by email and/or text message to let you know when maintenance is due.

  • You should have no problems at all with your dreads if you follow the maintenance routine described on the card you will be given after your installation, but if you do then you must contact me within 14 days so that I can arrange for us to meet up to put things right. Outside of the 14 days, you will need to book in and pay for extra work.