Please complete the questions below as best you can.

This consultation will give me all the information I need to make sure I can provide you with the best service and create lovely dreads for you. It will help me to calculate how much work is involved, the style of dreads that you want and an accurate costing.

I’m happy to carry out a consultation free of charge over the phone, face-to-face or by using this form.



About You


Please try to be accurate when describing your hair. Extra long hair will take twice as long to dread as medium hair and so this will double the length of the appointment and will increase the price. The benefit is that you will save money by not needing extensions!

My pricing guide will be accurate as long as you have selected the correct options. I may need to alter the quoted price if your hair is thicker / longer than you have described.

Please make use of the comments and photo upload options below as this will help me to calculate the cost and time involved.

Please note that the only way for me to give you an accurate quote of cost and time is for you to book a consultation with me. This is free and you are under no obligation. We can also do the consultation at the start of your appointment when I can then give an accurate price and timing.

About Your Hair


It is important for you to know that bleached hair can often be quite brittle and in some cases can lead to the hair breaking and the dreads falling out. The chance of this happening can be reduced by being very gentle with your new dreads and not messing with them too much. If you have bleached hair and still want to proceed with dreadlock installation, this will be at your own risk and I cannot be held responsible if any dreads fall out due to broken hair. 

Your Dreads



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