This form will give you a guide to the cost of having dreadlocks installed. The actual price may vary slightly from this if your hair is not as you described or if there are other factors involved.

I also offer maintenance and dread removal. These services are charged at £100 for half a day (9am - 1pm or 1pm - 5pm) or £200 for a full day (9am - 5.30pm to include a half hour break). Other times by arrangement. I can also give an estimate of how long it will take - just ask!

I will ask you to submit an image of your hair when you book for a maintenance session so that I can give an estimate of the cost and the time required. Most maintenance can be done in 3 - 5 hours for a cost of £75 - £125.

Type of Dreads

Your first decision is whether you would like permanent or semi-permanent dreads.


Almost always made with real hair for comfort, permanent dreads are made to last. They can be undone at a later date but this is a long process typically taking more than one day. (Please note that permanent dreads can either be just your own hair dreaded, or can be hair extensions dreaded and then added to your own hair)


Usually made with synthetic hair which is then woven into your own hair. Can be harder to sleep on due to the rougher feel. However, they are a lot cheaper than real hair extensions. Semi-permanent dreads are good if you are unsure whether dreads are for you! You can try them and remove them relatively easily if you change your mind.

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